Ok so I was going to do another post today about my experience at Vibe56 recording studio last week with Superchick (one of my fav bands) but Max beat me to it on his blog so you can just go read his post instead, which is here.

For those who don’t know, Max Hsu is a producer/songwriter/dj who is the mastermind behind the band Superchick amongst other things. I have been reading his blog since he started it back in 2004… and I have to say in my opinion that it is one of the best out there if you are into recording, the music industry, photography or just good stories… and today Max posted a pic I took of him in on his blog 🙂

All the pics I took at Vibe56 are up at my flickr account too if you wanna check them out… here’s the photo set.

I think my favorite is still this photo because Matt was so awesome to pose like that for me:

Btw, I am sworn to secrecy about details but I can tell you that Superchick’s new album is KILLER. And as Matt would say “fresh.” “Rock What You Got” on June 24th people!