I drove up to Kentucky with my coworker Justin a few weeks back to see Family Force 5 in the Heart Support Tour. Turns out Heart Support isn’t just a clever tour name… it’s actually an organization reaching out to hurting teens and providing them a place (an online message board) to find healing and love. Yay FF5 for supporting what seems to be a really cool organization. Check them out at www.heartsupport.com. It wouldn’t have been like me to attend a concert without taking hundreds of pictures… but unfortunately the lighting was HORRIBLE at this hotel-conference-room-turned-rock-n-roll-venue… soooo only about 100 pics made the cut, and they aren’t very good. Here is my favorite from the lot:

Enjoy! And do yourself a favor: If Family Force 5 comes through your area, go check them out. The show is amazing whether or not you are crazy about their music. Support Christian Rock!

Today I’m going to see my favorite band of all time, the Newsboys. Stay tuned for pictures.