Even if you aren’t a fan of Hanson, and when they come up all you can think about is MmmBop and those lovely boy band days, you gotta give them a TON of credit for growing up to be amazing guys even though their super volatile younger years were spent basking in glow of the paparazzi. You couldn’t go to the grocery store or turn on the radio without hearing their hit song or seeing their cute little faces on the cover of Tiger Beat.

Unlike most of their peers, the Hanson boys never let any of the fame get to their heads. Even when their popularity dwindled after they started writing more from the heart and they lost the teeny bopper sound that defined them, they didn’t just throw in the towel or turn to drugs and bad relationships. Instead they started taking trips to Africa and researched ways to help fight the war on poverty. The most recent of their ongoing attempts is Take the Walk – a charity catalyst organization that helps to raise awareness about poverty by hosting barefoot walks before every Hanson concert. They also sponsor TOMS shoes, Free The Children, Docvia, and blood:water mission, raising awareness and money for those causes as well.

Truly I’ve never seen this amount of charity work done by any other band except Jars of Clay with blood:water and newsboys with Global Tribe, and I really wish every band would join forces with one of the three organizations… can you imagine the impact that would make? 

Our favorite musicians and music itself plays such a powerful role in our lives… it can inspire us to live life with a greater purpose than our own selfish desires that only lead to unhappiness and regret… and live a life filled with hope, wonder, love and fulfillment… one lived with the purpose to serve and love others and find the solution to problems that cause millions of our brothers and sisters to live life in a way that all people would find unacceptable if only they truly opened their eyes to it.