I’m more swamped with work than I ever have been in my entire life.

While I know I should be ridiculously thankful, I have only been sleeping about 3-5 hours each night in order to put a dent in some of the work I have.

Writing and taking short breaks here in there is all that keeps me sane, which is why I’m taking this break now.

Plus I want to keep a record of some of what I’ve done recently, so I don’t forget and it doesn’t pile up too high.

Some of my recent work includes Article One’s myspace customization (I took the photos used in the design as well as doing all the coding, etc) a new newsboys tour poster, lots of Inpop splash pages to make way for the new website I’m currently working on, packaging for the new Paul Colman album “History”, as well as Paul’s current press photos; the packaging for Julian Drive’s debut “My Coming Day” a photo shoot with my twin sister Ally.

Oh plus there was assisting my favorite photographer as an on-stage volunteer for an example photoshoot.

Here’s my favorite shot from the shoot with Paul Colman at the Factory in Franklin… that was a fun shoot 🙂