There are so many updates, I don’t even know where to begin!

I got to do a very spontaneous and fun photoshoot with my friend Grace Campbell yesterday (with Rebecca Walton and Gabby Campbell assisting – thanks guys!) Those pics will be up shortly and I’m very excited about them, because Grace is totally gonna be huge.

I’ve been doing tons of shoots lately (yay!) thus I finally updated completely revamped my photography website, not with much new work (yet) but a fresh look and FLASH! TONS of new work is coming soon though, please visit and tell me what you think of the redesign (

In other photo shoot news, I got to do another shoot with the awesome Everyday Sunday. This time a REAL shoot for the album packaging and everything, not just a random for-fun shoot… not that there’s anything wrong with those, but you know. First location was actually a spontaneous last-minute thing because the boys discovered when they got in town that their hotel was AMAZING and so we did a shoot there the night before our scheduled shoot at building 8 in the factory the following day (also the home of my church!) which they very generously donated to us! Without further ado, here are some shots:


The name of their new album is “Best Night Of Our Lives” so naturally we were going for a very fun night-time atmosphere. I’m also doing all the packaging for this album as well, and we already have a final cover, which you can see below. First time a band has really given me almost total creative freedom, which was really nice to have. For the cover I used a pic I took in NYC and some long exposure shots (the album title is all my handwriting with a light pen in my bedroom … lol)

In other packaging news, we finally got the new newsboys final packaging inserts today, and they look pretty sweet. Very clean and sharp. Definitely my most challanging project to date. What we started with and what we ended up with is just mind-bogglingly different… I’ll have to write an entire post dedicated to the design process of album packaging and use that one as an example. Craziness. So much fun though, but an equal amount of stress!

With all that I really feel like I’m about to enter a brand new chapter of my life, now that I’m finally working on some super high profile stuff (yay!) AND I’m turning 21 next week, going to 6 countries this summer AND I have tons of really exciting projects lined up, including a music video……. the best is yet to come for sure.