So that cat is finally out of the bag. I’m moving to Los Angeles with my twin sister Ally after she graduates from UCF in May. We’ve actually sort-of been planning this move for years. I just always assumed after moving to TN a few years back that it was an impossibility unless I quit my dream job that I worked for so many years to get. Then I realized that there is absolutely no reason I can’t do that job from California. A lot of fun perks like being on the set of music videos and getting to go in the studio for the recording process I have to give up – but I’ll still be doing what I love, and I’ll have a lot more time to pursue other passions of mine that I haven’t had the time for… like mission trips. So after 2 1/2 years in Nashville I will be saying goodbye.

I’ll miss Nashville terribly… I usually complained about the less-than-perfect weather, the cold, and there being no beach or Disney World… but overall it’s been an amazing place to live. The culture is one-of-a-kind and it still amazes me how almost everyone you meet is a musician or songwriter.. or they work in the industry… this truly is “music city” … what better place for a person as obsessed with music as myself?

Anyways… I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions from people and I thought I’d address a few of them here.

Q: Do you have a job out in LA?
A: No. I’m going to be freelancing full-time in the fields of photography, graphic design, web design, videography and video editing, illustration and hopefully doing gallery shows with my paintings and photography… and hopefully even some music/acting.

Q: Are you quitting Inpop?
A: Not really. I won’t be a full-time in-house employee, but I’ll still be doing contracted freelance work for them. My roll and job description are changing but I’ll most likely continue to do the work I’m currently doing for them from California.

Q: When are you leaving?
A: My last official day in Nashville will be the 12th of April as the following day I’ll be going to Haiti for a week, then I’ll be moving back to FL for a few weeks to spend some time with my family and attend my sister’s graduation on May 7th. We’re then moving on the 10th-15th of May. I’ll be stopping in Nashville on that drive (10th-11th) to clear out the rest of my stuff, so this will be the last day I’ll get to say goodbye to anyone if I haven’t already. The official move-in day in Cali will be the 14th of May.