I’m pretty happy about how 2011 turned out. So I decided to write this blog to commemorate how epic it was and remind myself how blessed I am. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights of 2011!

January – at 12:00am I was cheering and screaming along with roughly a million people in central London for the fireworks off the London Eye on the River Thames, ringing in the new year with all of London and my friend Lauren-Michelle 3 days into my month-long stay in London that felt more like I had moved there. During that month I learned to rely on public transportation and walking more than I ever have in my life. I found an amazing church family at Hillsong London and met a couple amazing people there that I am still friends with. I rented a car and drove “on the wrong side” all the way to the Peak District for a day. I took the Chunnel to Paris and spend 2 days wandering around the city. I was away from home and away from America for the longest time I’ve ever been.



April – My sister and I visited New York City for a few days for our birthday and I wandered around the city while she saw broadway shows. I saw one with her – How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying – and we stage doored after and met Daniel Radcliffe AKA Harry Potter. At one point during our trip we got caught in the middle of central park in a downpour with only one tiny umbrella. So. Much. Fun.


Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter


June – Flew a plane. For real. Sat in the pilots seat, and controlled the plane for takeoff, flight & landing. The instructor was only helping at the co-pilot controls for takeoff & landing. We flew out and around Catalina island in one of the busiest airspaces in the world. I even talked to air traffic control!


i flew a plane.


July – Got a wetsuit and surfed the freezing cold Malibu waters. Flew to FL to spend the rest of summer with my family and went to the final space shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center, which was also my first time seeing a launch that close.


Space Shuttle Launch


August – Went on my first mission trip to Africa, something I had felt called to do since I was 14. It couldn’t have been a more incredible experience. Saw the opening of the first clean water well in the village, and helped the villagers fill up their jerry cans.



September – Had the unbelievable experience of working as a PA on my favorite TV show, Castle, for the episode “Cops & Robbers”… my first real Hollywood job! Also got to work on a music video that month… super cool.

October – My step-sister Rochelle got married to the man of her dreams, Mr. Robby Dye in a beautiful ceremony on a lake near Disney World, it was amazing! I also started volunteering with a group called “RedEye” going down to the projects every Saturday to play with and mentor kids in one of the most impoverished areas in the country. It’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and I hope to keep doing it for many years!



November – Went to a lot of Hollywood screenings and partys including two that were attended by Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio himself… livin’ it up!

December – Organized the location and operations for the Help-Portrait LA: Imperial Courts event on the 10th – one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life since I was so way out of my comfort zone in everything I had to do to make this event happen, but it went amazing and we gave over 100 families and individuals free portraits in time for Christmas!!