There’s something about 2015 that just sounds so intense. So futuristic. It’s a date that got thrown around a lot the last couple decades when you wanted to describe something happening in the distant (but not too distant) future. And now, here we are. We talk to people across the world face-to-face via video chatting. We have cars and airplanes that can operate unmanned. We have creepy robots that look just like humans. We are closer to the singularity than ever before. It’s an exciting time to live in.

In 2014, my goal was to travel as much as possible on an extreme budget, and get smarter about the way I travel — ie. not paying rent when I’m only home 3-5 months every year, booking more work that is travel inclusive, etc., and I succeeded! Apart from 1 month last year, I was rent-free (my stuff has been in storage in LA since December, 2013!) and I booked multiple travel inclusive gigs, including 3 months of touring.

Northern Lights

I didn’t hit all of my goals – but I did backpack around Europe for 2 months, and experience the Northern Lights, and 5 new countries! Plus, I finally made it to Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe; and the state of Oregon! Twice! (Which brings my state count to 49/50). I did 2 US & Canada tours, which combined with my own traveling totaled 58,278 miles traveled in 2014. That’s 2x the distance around the Earth. Great Scott!

Without further ado, here are my resolutions/plans for 2015 (because posting online is great for accountability):

– Travel to Asia & the South Pacific
– Buy a house and put a room on Airbnb
– Become fluent in French
– Start a non-profit
– Publish a book

As always, my adventures will be published on my facebook, twitter, instagram, here and on my travel blog, World Travlr!

Thanks for reading along 🙂